Earth VELE is young & Dynamic Roofing Awning Company Establish with the “Enhance, Enrich, Educate” the lifestyle of people by providing most Aesthetic versatile, Techno Scientific Product & Services.
With your awning fully extended, a large area of extra living space is created for you outside to enjoy the hot summer months. The covered patio space protected by the colorful, rot and fade-proof qualities of your 100% acrylic awning cover allows for comfortable living outdoors. It also protects you and your loved ones from harmful ultra-violet rays.
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Earth VELE is young & Dynamic Smart Roof Company Establish with the “Perception to Motivated, Enhanced and Educated” the lifestyle of people by providing most Aesthetic versatile, Techno-Scientific Product & Services.

Why Vele Looping Roof Technology?

Energy saving

Enhance outdoor decor

Architecture friendly

Customization & shade control

True Eco friendly roof covering

Expand your living space

Suitable for residential as well as commercial

Flexibility easy to use anywhere

Protect child & pets from sun rays

Versatile contemporary design

All weather living comfort

Technical Features


1. Looping is largely composed of a column and a rail, a fabric bar, a driving motor, and is removable.

2. The product is designed to be retractable, and the drive motor is mounted on the rear side and moves forward and backwards in both directions.

3.  retractable ceiling lid uses a Somfy mission motor and is controlled by a remote censer.

4. Aluminum profile is made from 2.5mm ~ 4.0T and painted with electrostatic dye.

5. The structure is made from specially design aluminium section.

6. All aluminium frames are assembled in the field and are easy to attach and detach.

7. Movement of the aluminium bar is carried out by four wheels and is made of die casting ball bearing. The surface of the wheel is made of nylon (W6) with no noise and the load per one wheel is 100KG.

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Pergola roof awning

Applicable Areas

Versatile, Multi-Purpose, Affordable

Advertise your business with a new commercial smart roof.  At Earth Vele Looping, the benefits of Business Promotions are many, including:

  • Spectacular smart roof graphics promote your business and make your business stand out.
  • The smart roof provides your customers with year-round weather protection.
  • smart roof accentuate and enhance your building’s architecture
  • Illuminated smart roof provide 24/7 visibility and better security for your business

Choose Earth vele for innovative ideas, quality products, and superior service. Our commitment to excellence is your guarantee of satisfaction. We will make your next commercial smart roof for branding & business showcase is very easy!


The retractable smart roof provides an optimum level of Shading, Styling and Utility to take care of your weather protection and recreational needs. Protect your self from the heat , cold , harmful UV rays and rain and enjoy your cup of coffee or glass of wine in the outdoors under a System awning in all kinds of weather.


This kind of smart roof can help you entertain your guests in the open area, yet awnings can shield you from the overbearing sun.  This is, in fact, can be regarded as a spacious area to relax and enjoy with your friends.


The visibility of your business premises is vital to survival in an increasingly competitive business market. Adding a smart roof to your shop front makes your business vastly more visually attractive, which can increase footfall from passers-by, ultimately improving your potential sales figures.

the smart roof is also a good way of letting people know where your business is located. A smart roof can stick out over busy crowds, drawing attention more effectively than a simple sign, and help customers navigate their way to your premises in particularly crowded towns or cities. By sticking out from the front of your shop, a smart roof can attract the attention of even the most oblivious shopper, who might simply walk straight past normally.

Lights may also be added, helping your store to stick out later in the evening, and seem more inviting and friendly than other shops in the near vicinity.

the smart roof also offers a vital secondary function; advertising space. the smart roof can be customised to display the colours, logo or name of your business, or any other information you need to advertise to the public. This space is often unused but can create an individual façade for your premises, adding recognisability and a certain wow-factor. By adding your branding to a smart roof, customers can become more aware of your premises’ presence on the high street and help you stand out amongst competitors.


As part of our commitment to provide sports shade solutions for many locations, we’re pleased to offer a full catalogue of shade canopies that includes hips, sails, cantilevers, umbrellas, and other custom shade structures. We have hip shades in square, rectangular, and hexagonal shapes; bleacher shade sails in various sizes, colours and styles; cantilever umbrellas supported by side columns; and outdoor umbrellas with weather-resistant fabric that can withstand wind up to 93 miles per hour. If none of these options meets your needs, we also design custom shade structures in order to give you just the right sport shade or bleacher canopy for keeping parents and spectators cool as they watch athletes in action. From baseball, softball, and golf to tennis courts, we can shade any type of sports facility.


Few of our work


Villa is for those who want to stay at the same place year after year and who don’t want the bother of having to put the smart roof up and take it down again season after season. You put Villa up once, and there it stays, year after year. It is designed to remain outside and gives you greater stability in rough weather.

Villa is a freestanding smart roof. This means it can stand independently of the caravan. So, with Villa, you can stay at the same campsite year after year – and also detach the caravan and head down to southern Europe in the summer holidays with a smaller touring smart roof.

“If you choose Villa, the size of your caravan doesn’t matter.”

Villa can be adapted to all sizes of caravans. There is nothing to stop you from having a small caravan to sleep in with a large Villa at the front. For many Villa owners, Villa is like a conservatory, a sunroom or an alternative to a holiday cottage. Villa is where life is lived.

Villa is synonymous with a high level of flexibility. It is modular, available in five sizes and can be extended with terraces at both ends. A Villa can be extended up to as much as 34 m2. You can even design your own dream Villa, where you start by selecting the front panels that you want and then choose how you wish to combine them.


Shade is especially important for restaurants in the pergola, roofing shed our experience with the food service industry is unparalleled. Our restaurant smart roof, dining structures and patio shades are infinitely customizable and can include logos, graphics, retractable options, insets, motorization and more. Choose from sign smart roof, patio covers, fabric patio enclosures, windbreaks, cabanas and much more. With extensive experience in the design, manufacture and installation of a wide array of restaurant smart roof and shades, Superior smart roof is the only name you need to know for premium custom restaurant shade.


Industrial smart roof and shade structures are excellent, cost-effective tools to increase weather-protected usable square footage for working areas, inventory storage, loading docks, equipment locations, employee break areas and more. With extensive experience in commercial and industrial shade structure construction and the best warranties in the industry, Superior smart roof is the only name you need to know for premium industrial shade products.


Our luxury tents have a high demand in the market. The tantalizing designs and the elegant looks of these tents are the factors behind the increasing demand for these tents. We have designed these tents by keeping in mind, the privacy of the individuals. You can stay with your family in these tents and still you will be close but apart. The privacy of these tents doesn’t have anything to do with the memories one would want to create.


In our wide range of products, we are offering our clients a supreme grade of Car Parking smart roof. The offered smart roof will enhance the look of the place and also make it cool by reducing heat.

Our skilled professionals manufacture these smart roof using premium quality basic material and progressive technology in sync with industry norms. Clients can avail these smart roof from us at pocket-friendly prices.


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