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With your awning fully extended, a large area of extra living space is created for you outside to enjoy the hot summer months. The covered patio space protected by the colorful, rot and fade-proof qualities of your 100% acrylic awning cover allows for comfortable living outdoors. It also protects you and your loved ones from harmful ultra-violet rays.
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Outdoor Living Area Design: 6 ways to extend the outdoor living season through Winter

For outdoor lovers dreading the cold, properly planned outdoor living area designs can help you extend the season. With the right design elements and features, comfortable outdoor living in the colder weather is possible – sans the extra sweater.

6 Ways to Cozy Up to the Fall & Winter Outdoor Living Season:

  1. Kick up the heat.
    From the permanent to the portable, warm things up with built-in or portable gas or electric fireplaces and fire pits. Want to ward-off heat loss? Overhead infrared heaters emit radiant heat, (think of the sun’s rays), providing highly efficient warmth. A single 1500-watt heater utilizes only around 30-cents/hour in electricity!
  2. Shed a little light on things.
    When the clocks ‘fall back’ you’ll need additional lighting for your outdoor space. Create the right look with built-in, multi-temperature friendly LEDs, considering dimmable options for added flexibility. For detached structures, don’t forget solar path lighting and spotlights to help light the way.
  3. Let the sunshine in (and keep the snow out).
    With a covered patio, you’re much more likely to stay outside when temperatures drop. And with the 170-degree rotational flexibility of Arcadia adjustable Vele Roofs, you can take advantage of every weather facet. Close louvres to contain warmth and snuff out snow and rain – or open them on fair weather days to bask in the sun’s warmth.
  4. Screen for trouble.
    Motorized, retractable screens and curtains let you enjoy the view or contain the warmth, depending on the weather. Block the breeze and gain added privacy and pest protection, or let the light shine in with the click of a button with the latest in ‘smart’ operation and weather sensing technology.
  5. Up the cosiness factor.
    Skip cold metal and plastic furniture for upholstered options, bringing indoor comforts outdoors with pillows and throw blankets. Add rugs over cold concrete and decking to keep toes toasty.
  6. Don’t give up on watersports.
    Hot tubs offer year-round relaxation – but feel especially good when temperatures drop.
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